There are a handful of PS4 games that currently don’t work on PS5 and aren’t on Sony’s list

Here’s a few from my library

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As of right now, there’s a small list of games on Sony’s “PS4-only” backward compatibility list for the PlayStation 5. But running through my library at launch, I uncovered a bit more.

Several aren’t that surprising (Battleborn), but a few of them are. Here are a few games from my library that currently give me a “playable on PS4” notice.

First up, here is the official list as of the time of publication:

Here are a few games that also don’t work on PS5:

  • Golem (this is one of several PSVR games I own that isn’t compatible, with Robinson already on the list; it’s possible Sony is working on it for a future update, given that every game in the PSVR pool could help sell more headsets)
  • NHL 17
  • P.T. (this whole saga is detailed here)

Here’s a collective of unknowns and issues I ran into:

I’m also having trouble getting Disintegration to work, though some people are reporting that it does. The same goes for Star Wars Battlefront, where I’m seemingly asked to pick up the ultimate edition of the game. We’ve reached out to EA for clarification.

Then there’s a few more that are in a grey area. Battleborn requires me to become a PlayStation Now subscriber before I can play it: though I own it on PSN. Battlefield 1 is an odd one, because it says “[only] playable on PS4” in my library, but it is part of the PS5 PlayStation Plus Collection: I currently can’t play it unless I add the PS+ entitlement to my account. I also own it on PS4.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends does not show up as “PS4-only,” but when I click it, I can’t download it, and the subsequent page errors out (it states “can’t find what you’re looking for”). I’m also being asked to re-buy a few games, like Farpointthat I already own. Just to make sure I refreshed my licenses on my PS5, but it still gives me the same message. It should be noted that since the vast majority of my PSN collection is digital, all of these tests were done using the “library” UI on PS5.

This is still a tiny list even with my additions and download issues. When Sony said “the vast majority” of PS4 games would work, they were right.  We’ve reached out to Sony for clarification on the matter, to see if these games will be updated; or if they need to be added to the list.

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