The Zerg have evolved: New Starcraft 2 trailer

A new Starcraft 2 trailer has finally been released earlier tonight in Korea. Blizzard showed off the new trailer and GameVideos has the offscreen footage. This time, the Zerg are shown off and they’re ready to make a comeback. A female voice, who is more than likely Kerrigan, tells of what has happened to the Zerg in the four years after the original Starcraft. The Zerg have evolved and the swarm is stronger than ever.

Am I the only one who got goosebumps here? The epic music, the new Zerg creatures and seeing just how much action and characters can be on the battlefield at one time is simply amazing. Hopefully a high-res version of the trailer comes out ASAP. Until then, what did you think of the new trailer? 

Hamza Aziz