The Zangief Chronicles: Zangief just wants to get laid

The crew at Capcom got a DVD over the Holidays called The Zangief Chronicles. The series follows Street Fighter’s Zangief as he tries to live a normal life and get laid. There are four episodes so far showing how hard it really is to be Zangief.

This is seriously one of the most random gaming related series yet. The actor portraying Zangief actually does a good Zangief, right down to the scars on his arm. The official Web site is pretty awesome too. There’s U.S.S.R music blaring, hilarious wallpapers you can download like the one above, and best of all, when you hover your mouse over a link, it makes a Zangief battle sound effect. Nice!

I think I have a newfound respect for Zangief thanks to this. Hopefully, the makers of the series continue to make more episodes.

Hamza Aziz