The Yakuza team’s Fist of the North Star game will launch February 22 in Japan

Premium edition DLC will let you play as Yakuza’s Kiryu

Hokuto Ga Gotoku, SEGA’s Fist of the North Star game has been dated for a February 22 release date in Japan.

Alongside this news comes a pretty action-packed trailer showing off the sort of style and wackiness you would expect from both a Fist of the North Star game, as well as the Yakuza team.

As if this game couldn’t look any cooler, SEGA also announced that Hokuto Ga Gotoku will allow you to play as Yakuza protagonist Kiryu via DLC. The DLC will simply swap out Kenshiro’s character model with that of Kiryu’s, although the change won’t be reflected in some cutscenes.

The content will be a part of the “Century-End Premium Edition.” That edition will also include several equipment items, a PlayStation 4 theme, and some additional songs.

You can play as Yakuza’s Kiryu in Hokuto Ga Gotoku [PlayStation Life Style]

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