The XIII remake will debut in November, still slated for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

An Amazon Spain listing tells all

Although some people argue that the past should stay in the past, remasters and remakes are a special form of game preservation, and particularly important for underrated gems and overlooked games. XIII is considered a classic by many, but passed a lot of folks by. That’ll change in November.

According to a listing from Amazon Spain, the game is due out this November. This isn’t just some random retailer placeholder listing either. The product page shows images for the Limited Edition as plain as day, highlighting the various included materials (art cards, golden weapons, a metal case) with a printed release date of November 10, 2020.

The game’s premise (that you’re an amnesiac that wakes up with “XIII” tattooed on them) still fits in 2020 in a sort of CBS/NBC crime procedural sort of way. But it’s the cel-shaded look of the original that really sings, which so far has shined through in what we’ve seen of the remake.

XIII – Limited Edition [Amazon Spain via Gematsu]

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