The worst games we’ve been forced to play

Podtoid 347: Pikachu Butt Plug

Levity isn’t necessarily a strong suit for this week’s Podtoid. Don’t let the title fool you; we talk about some of the worst games we’ve ever had to review, funerals, funerals again, and Darren’s snake collection. All bad things.

Even though we’re shorthanded this time, me, Steven, and Darren keep the conversation rollin’, partially thanks to some fantastic listener questions. Maybe the name gives it away, but there’s also some butt plug chat. We kind of have the market cornered on that topic. Also, there’s an honest to god “oooohhhh, so close” in SATPOTPAQ (That’s “Steven Asks The People On The Podcast A Question,” the game where he, Steven, asks the people on the podcast a question).

Now that you’ve listened to Podtoid 347: Pikachu Butt Plug, what are some games you remember that were absolute chores to get through, and will you yell at Chris for assigning me Ghostbusters? I can’t do it; he’ll beat me up.

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Brett Makedonski
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