The world waits on iPad ’cause we bought them all

Look around. You’ll find no shortage of people that hate on the iPad. You’ll also find no shortage of people that have and love the iPad. The love side was enough to have Apple’s tablet computer sell out everywhere. And by everywhere, that means everywhere. It’s so bad that the rest of the world will see a delay on the release of the device.

The international release has been delayed from this month, or “late April,” to the end of May. Apple blames Americans for buying half a million units in one week. May 10th is when availability and pricing for the rest of the world will be laid out. For those that are waiting, the wait is now a bit longer.

For those that did manage to nab one, I have a new iPad game round-up coming up. My favorite in the new bunch is Knights of the Phantom Castle. This game is polished, and console gamers will feel right at home. More on this and others soon.

iPad international launch delayed until the end of May [engadget]

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