The World of Warcraft is getting a little bigger soon

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Blizzard has a new expansion planned for World of Warcraft, but it’s holding its cards close to its chest. But, not that close! The developer’s at least willing to admit that a reveal is imminent via a little tease.

Whatever this new content is, it’ll be announced on August 6 at 9am Pacific. That lines up with gamescom, the gigantic gaming convention in Cologne, Germany. Considering that many of you won’t be there, pay attention to Blizzard’s gamescom page for details about a live stream.

However, for those of you who are there, you don’t need to spend all your time with video games. The offer still stands for you to buy me and Steven some sausage and beer. I mean, video games are everywhere; sausage and beer are only in Germany.

New World of Warcraft Expansion Unveiling at gamescom 2015 – Live Stream August 6 []

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