The world-first battle for Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’s inaugural mythic raid has been one of the most incredible races yet

It took just over a week to down G’huun, the final blood god boss

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth just wrapped up its world-first race for its inaugural mythic raid, Uldir. For you non-WoW players out there: a titan research facility that involved experimentation with Old Gods. It was a close competition heading into last night with no less than nine groups all at 7/8 bosses killed at the one week mark, but in the end, Method took it with a clear time of eight days. That includes a full weekly reset, which saw Method re-clearing the entire dungeon again to beat G’huun, the final hurdle.

All this time World of Warcraft has been enjoying record stream numbers, mostly thanks to Method — one of the top raiding guilds in the world and an eSports organization to boot — choosing to fully stream their progress with commentary. For reference, this isn’t a common practice. Traditionally groups prefer to raid in secret, only posting screenshots after a clear to be entered onto a glorious spreadsheet maintained by the elites of the MMO community.

If the next world-first race is anything close to the ups and downs of Uldir, this expansion’s legacy, purely as it pertains to raids, is going to be in good shape.

Let’s go back in time a bit to Warlords of Draenor, two expansions ago in 2014: it was a dark time for World of Warcraft from pretty much every angle. Casual fans didn’t have enough to do and hardcore fans pined for more raids. They never came. Draenor was by far the worst-supported expansion in WoW history — it was so bad that Blizzard apologized for it.

But once Legion hit a few years later they were right back in their old groove. The first raid, Emerald Nightmare, was down in under a day, but it was an anomaly. The Nighthold held for 11 days, Tomb of Sargeras for 19, and Antorus lasted eight days (just like Uldir!). That’s just enough time for hardcore teams to take off work, get their heads right, and maintain the hype before people start to get bored.

As for my experience with Uldir I’ve been having a blast. It might not deserve a spot in the the pantheon of “greatest raids in the game’s 14-year history” but I love the aesthetic, and having journeyed through the zone Uldir takes place in with a Horde character, it fits. For the Alliance it’s not so exciting as there isn’t much context therein; something Blizzard is going to rectify with an 8.1 raid that’s tuned to provide three faction-specific bosses.

For now, we can settle in the wake of yet another world-first: one that has irreparably changed the way they’re viewed going forward for the better.

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