The World Ends With You plays out a lot like a Japanese television drama

I’m a huge Japanese television drama fan. I’m one that watches 4 or 5 of these J-dramas at once. Now, somehow I’ve missed a show called Shi15ya, but it seems that I haven’t missed much, as it plays out just like Square Enix’s DS game The World Ends With You.

I’ve been around long enough to know that a lot of Japanese games and television shows (and movies and so on) share similar stories. Hell, the Japanese are masters at recycling. But according to the comparision at split-screen, the game and this TV Asahi show sound too similar.

This Shibuya is actually a virtual simulation (like, say, Shibuya Underground) created by some one (a Game Master, for instance) who watches over its “inhabitants” (or Players) and when they don’t function according to the rules, an enforcer is sent to “kill” (or Erase) them. Almost fittingly, this enforcer (called Peace here) only targets these 15 year olds.

The rest of the article has even more similarites laid out. I’ve played the game. Now I’m going to watch this show and see for myself. If I’m guessing right, the show will be equally as bad as the game was.

Dale North