The Witcher TV adaptation releases new trailer, hits Netflix December 20

Will he still have to spend ages mixing oils?

Netflix released the first full trailer for its TV adaptation of The Witcher – based on the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski and popularised by the CD Projekt RED video games – which joins the streaming service on December 20.

The slightly NSFW trailer (due to some obscured nudity) features dark hero Geralt of Rivia, portrayed by Man of Steel‘s Superman, Henry Cavill, slaughtering man and beast in a live-action recreation of the source material’s beautiful, lurid and violent world. During the clip, we see many of the elements that typify the franchise, from snow-washed mountains and luscious fields, to hellish beasties, alluring femme-fatales and your boy Geralt chilling in the bathtub.

While this trailer doesn’t personally rock my world, I do think it looks promising. I like the overall look of the show, particularly the costuming, and the fight scenes look slick and suitably punchy. Will you be checking out the adventures of Geralt and friends when they come galloping onto a small screen near you?

All eight episodes of The Witcher will launch on Netflix December 20.

Chris Moyse
Senior Editor - Chris has been playing video games since the 1980s and writing about them since the 1880s. Graduated from Galaxy High with honors. Twitter: @ChrisxMoyse