The Witcher is coming to Monster Hunter: World along with a huge expansion


Yep, Capcom is teaming up with CD Projekt Red in an upcoming Monster Hunter event. Geralt is traveling the world it seems after another recent Bandai Namco collaboration!

Announced today with a very effective trailer, Geralt himself from The Witcher series is coming to World as part of a free event in “early 2019.” The kicker is that he heralds a new “massive expansion” called Iceborne, also coming at some point next year in the “autumn.”  The expansion will bring the much welcome freezing ice biome into the mix, and is part of Capcom’s massive content plan for World

More information on that will come in the spring. Capcom also says that the “Kulve Taroth Siege, a special event quest which allows up to 16 players in groups of four each to team up towards a common goal, will return on December 20.” Finally, a free trial is coming on December 11 that will run through December 17.

While a lot of people (especially old school fans) have a lot of issues with World, Capcom is supporting this iteration better than they ever have in the past. World has already gotten a ton of free content and a very well received collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV — it’s easily the top Monster Hunter in my book at this point.

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