The Witcher collection, Sword of Destiny, sees UK release May 21 (win a copy here)

Books, aye, remember them?!

As we all know, Geralt of Rivia is back on fine video game form with The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, but lesser known is his return to print with Sword of Destiny. First published in 1992, Andrzej Sapkowski’s second short story collection is seeing a timely UK release for those wanting more of the monster slayer’s exploits.

I’ve been reading through it, this past week, and as someone who’s only familiar with the games, it’s been an enjoyable ride, mostly down to Sapkowski’s hardboiled take on the usual dark fantasy fare.

Taking place shortly after The Last Wish, the collection focuses on Geralt’s time with his sorceress lover, Yennefer, and his troubadour friend, Dandelion, along with the origins of Ciri, the daughter he “adopts.” And since Yennefer and Ciri were largely absent from CD Projekt Red’s worlds, I’ve certainly gotten a better understanding of who they are and why they’re ultimately important to Geralt. Even if you haven’t read The Last Wish, you can still jump into this one without any trouble. The episodic nature works well for Geralt’s travels and his affinity for outcasts. Don’t worry, it still has plenty of moments where he walks and talks like a Polish Clint Eastwood, slaying monsters, and facing prejudice and hypocrisy at every turn.

Published by Gollancz, Sword of Destiny is released May 21 in paperback (£16.99) and eBook (£8.99).

But listen up, my British chums! Here at Destructoid, we’re giving away a copy for free! Yes, all you have to do is leave a comment below and your name will end up in my Deerstalker of Lost Souls. I’ll only take the first comment as entry, and I’ll pick a winner from the hat on Wednesday May 20, 6pm GMT. Only UK residents, I’m afraid, so don’t forget to say you’re from the UK or it won’t count. Seriously, have you seen the cost of overseas shipping?!

UPDATE: The Hat has spoken. SDRA, it chose you!

2nd UPDATE: SDRA didn’t get in touch after the 5 day limit, so it now goes to our Runner-up, SNAVEAGE!

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