The Witcher 2 conference livestream starts later today

Need even more info on The Witcher 2? CD Projekt’s Spring conference starts today at 4:00 PM GMT (11 AM EDT/9 AM PDT) 6 PM GMT (the Facebook page has since been updated with a new time) and will live-stream from Facebook and the official website.

Topics include system requirements and their effect on the game’s performance, localization differences, copyright protection, censorship, how importing your The Witcher save data will affect The Witcher 2, details on the REDengine, and more.

Apparently CD Projekt-owned Good Old Games is also going to be doing something special today on their website, and should be about more than just The Witcher 2. Their segment of the conference will start at 5 PM GMT and will be live-streamed from as well. The last time CD Projekt live-streamed its conference, the Facebook stream just continued into the GOG parts — so you probably won’t have to switch streams or anything like that.

[Update: The Polish language conference started earlier today, and showed Triss in Playboy (NSFW image)]

Maurice Tan