The Wii U’s new firmware update adds amiibo support

I’ll have amiibo impressions next week

Nintendo has just rolled out a new update for the Wii U in the form of update 5.3.0, and it adds amiibo settings to the main menu. Thankfully the publisher is getting things set ahead of time so that when the toys do actually drop in a few weeks it won’t be chaos.

In essence, the menu allows you to go in and change the owner of an amiibo as well as change the name of the toy or delete said owner. Sadly, it seems as if amiibo figures can only hold one game’s worth of data at a time. So if you level-up a Smash character to 50 and then want to play another game with it, you’ll have to delete the Smash data.

I…really hope there’s a way around this. That sounds terrible.

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