The Wii is sexy in Japan

As is the case with most launches, the Wii has done sold out all over Japan. With 400,000 units available to gamers there, every single one was snatched up meaning that there are now over 1 million people in the world playing with their Wii — teehee.

Some 400,000 units of the console were available on the console’s December 2 launch day, with 600,000 more units slated to ship in Japan by the end of the year. However, given the large amount of interest in the console–which Nintendo has flogged with a TV-ad blitz for the past two months–demand is expected to be much higher than supply.

Great news and we of course all expected this to happen. The big unknown is what will the state of the Wii be like two years from now after all the usual Nintendo buyers and fans have bought the console. Only time will tell, so enjoy the hype train ride along the way. 

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