The Wii is FINALLY getting a digital fireplace

After years of the Wii being promoted as a “living room” console and software being geared towards casual games and family fare, the system is soon to reach the apex of universal acceptance. My Fireplace is exactly what it sounds like: A digital fireplace simulator. Rejoice!

Coming from Spanish developer, Korner Entertainment, My Fireplace is claimed to be “hyper-realistic” with “a fire that will almost burn [the user].” Just look at that screenshot and imagine those flames flicking about and pretend that you’re pretending to feel more heat than that which would normally emanate from your screen. Toasty!

For all the excitement they had in making the announcement, Korner’s press release doesn’t specify what regions My Fireplace will appear in. Let’s all hope for a global release because this is clearly one WiiWare title everybody needs to own.

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