The west is so wild in latest Red Dead Redemption trailer

The latest trailer for Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption features over three minutes of gameplay, set to the sounds of a calm, educational-video-style voice over. Really, it’s more like something you’d hear through headphones during a museum tour than a standard game trailer, but don’t let that fool you — Red Dead Redemption looks bad ass. 

Widely considered “Grand Theft Auto with cowboys,” it looks like Red Dead Redemption will offer a bit more depth than expected. Particularly the impact certain deeds will have on fame and honor, and how clothing choices will affect how people view you, sounds more like Lionhead’s Fable than Rockstar’s city sandbox titles.

But really with the escort missions? “To start an escort mission press B.” Do I have to? Does anyone like doing these?

Red Dead Redemption hits shelves in May, and despite possibly being forced to drag around defenseless NPCs, I can’t wait to explore its brave new world.

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