The Weekend Hotness: Vacation, all I ever wanted

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I’m going on a much needed vacation starting tonight. I’ll be back on March 16, the day Destructoid and Niero celebrate their birthdays. I’m heading down to Tampa Bay and then Miami this week to relax at the new Destructoid offices and during that time, the Internet will not exist for me. Well, except Twitter. Most of the regular features will still be going up as scheduled thanks to the various editors that are covering my weekly features. Also, expect something pretty awesome made by various community members to appear on the front page next week!

Jim gave us a list of videogame characters that look like sex offenders, check out our list on how to improve Killzone 2’s multiplayer, Call of Duty stopped a Rabbi from being scared of Nazis, Big Mommies will have big titties and plenty more happened over the weekend. 

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