The Weekend Hotness: Toys toys toys!

Like toys? Well sister site Tomopop has been putting up a bunch of figures and toys from San Diego Comic-Con and Wonder Festival 2011. Tons of cool stuff to check out so GO DO IT.

Check out our cosplay galleries, two bears high-fiving now in shirt form, Retro City Rampage gets some new screens, who’s the best female Shepard and more happened over the weekend.

Destructoid Original:
New Destructoid Episode: F*ck it, we did it live!
The two bears high-fiving from Fallout now in shirt form!
Comments of the week: George Michael Warfare 3
Live Show: Drunkest Warrior on Saturday Morning Hangover!

SDCC Interview: Mass Effect 3
SDCC: Cosplayer brings a real AR-15 rifle to Comic-com
SDCC: Leedmees, a body puzzle game for Kinect
SDCC: Check out Nintendo’s big ol’ AR cards for 3DS
SDCC Interview: Asura’s Wrath
SDCC: These are our favorite games of Comic-Con
SDCC Cosplay: Pikach…uuuh what?
SDCC: More cosplay and floor photos, dog
SDCC: Behemoth’s big ol’ BattleBlock Theater arcade cabs
SDCC: Abobo’s Big Adventure returns with more insanity
SDCC: Release your rage at Asura’s Wrath scream booth

Community blogs of 7/23 & 7/24
Forum thread of the day: Willem Dafoe OFFICIAL thread

Contest: Win a code for Limbo on PSN!

PopCap gets fancy with new Xperia phones
Irem removing pretty much all of its content from PSN
Gears of War 3 will have a casual mode
Unreal series has been neglected lately, Epic agrees
Majora’s Mask might come to the 3DS if you ask nicely
Kill fish with rockets in Ridiculous Fishing for iOS
XBLA prices are rising, wallets everywhere cry

This Yoshi’s Island nursery is so d’aaaaaaaawwww
New Sonic figure demands your money
Two adorable twins rock Just Dance 2

Revel in the sweet sights and sounds of Rhythm Heaven Wii
Retro City Rampage gets some murderous new screens
This is Halo: Anniversary with the prettier graphics
Marvel Pinball gets Ghost Rider, coming to WiiU and Vita
Final Fantasy Type-0 gets gratuitous five-minute trailer
Who is the best female Shepard?
Sherlock Holmes reveals himself in 4 new screenshots

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