The Weekend Hotness: This happened

As seen on Weekend Destructainment: Two cosplayers having a … stretchy leg showdown?

Destructoid makes the Deadly Premonition European box art fancy, Andrew looks at the rubbing of breasts on faces in Dragon Quest IX, a ton of videos from gamescom 2010 made their way from Germany, win some sweet Castle Crashers figures and more happened over the weekend.

Destructoid Originals:
Deadly Premonition European box art is amazing
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The rubbing of breasts on faces in Dragon Quest IX
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M.A.G. playable with Move and DualShock at the same time
GC 10: Dead Space 2
GC 10: Guild Wars 2 interview with ArenaNet SVP
GC 10: The madness that is Crysis 2
GC 10: Talking Call of Duty: Black Ops
GC 10: We Sing Robbie Williams
Off-Brand Games: Tube Slider
GC 10: Runes of Magic goes vogue
GC 10: Dragon Age II community follow-up
Games of the Week for 8/22/10: Carol Channing edition

Hydro Thunder Hurricane

GC 10: Serious deja vu in GoldenEye 007
GC 10: The First Templar impressions
GC 10: Guild Wars 2 to rise to the challenge
GC 10: Blood Stone has a license to kill
GC 10: Impressions of the prenup Knights Contract
GC 10: Inversion will flip your sh . . ooter

We’re giving away 4 Samsung Galaxy S Epic phones!
Win some awesome Castle Crashers figures and goodies!

Over 2000 Rock Band tracks compatible with Pro Drums
Sine Mora posters and details land
Free App of the Day: Galcon Labs
Valve announces ‘The Sacrifice’ DLC for Left 4 Dead
Weekend Charity: Helping the world with only 8-bits
GC 10: Move wins gamescom award, console wars over
Halo: Reach getting matchmaking in its campaign mode
Help create a monument to Halo: Reach’s Noble Team

Want another new Metroid game? Check out Minitroid
Taking it to the streets: What is a chocobo?

GoldenEye reminds us what split-screen looks like
Three new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 vids to drool over
Other M videos and commercials leave me feeling scared
GC 10: Capcom x Tekken live action with crossdressing
Pokemon Black/White has a grass monkey: That funky monkey
This is a triumph: Portal 2 co-op video

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