The Weekend Hotness: The Mega Man 9 theme is rad (08/04/08)

I’m just going to start using a random Weekend Destructainment video on The Weekend Hotness. Why? Because they’re both my features and I can do what I want! Plus, this cover of the Mega Man 9 theme deserves a double post.

Brad N. shows off his Mr. Destructoid guitar, SquareEnix reveals a bunch of new titles, Left 4 Dead is coming to the PS3, Mega Man 9 is coming out this September, and plenty more happened during the weekend on Destructoid.

Weekend Regulars:
Weekend Destructainment: Pick up that can
Best of the Network this week
Highlights from the Destructoid Community 08/03/08
Games of the week for 08/03/08: Watching women urinate edition

Original Features:
The Mr. Destructoid guitar
SuperVillian Studios’ Order Up! comes with new Wii peripheral … a chef’s hat!

Destructoid review:
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
Secret Agent Clank

The Destructoid/Blast Works level design contest UPDATE: Destructoid City

Parasite Eve spin-off comes to PSP, also Final Fantasy Agito XIII
Microsoft wants more exclusives and wider audience
Too Human finished … may God have mercy on us all
Final Fantasy XIII demo available when you buy Advent Children
Old BioShock PS3 packaging pulled for a little girl
Australian Singstar Amped needs more Bowie
Avatars ‘may’ bring charges for accessories: Actual money hat confirmed?
Wii bends PS3 over, gives it firm and humiliating Japanese sales shafting
Captain Obvious: WiiSports burns fewer calories than real sports
Left 4 Dead comes to PS3, thanks to EA
Bungie ‘banhammering’ porn with new tech
Grow your own 1up mushroom
PlayStation Video Store update: Family Jewels, Water Horse, and Unforgiven
NCAA 09 patch details
Developer has solutions to stop pre-owned game sales
Xbox developer killed by husband in murder-suicide
Team Ico is making a ‘really, really good’ game
The Blue Bomber is coming to Virtual Console
Let your gynecologist practice with a Wii
Goodsmile Vocaloid accessories now in Virtua Fighter 5 R

Videos & Trailers:
Mindblowing text physics: The Last Remnant teaser video

Half-Life: The Crossword

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