The Weekend Hotness: Sonic Boom

Watch as the Street Fighter Pianist performs a bunch of Street Fighter II songs for ten minutes straight. The intro music always gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. 

7-Eleven is making game sales permanent, pre-purchase Grand Theft Auto IV on Steam and get GTA: Vice City for free, GameTrailers gives us the first look at Arkham Asylum, and a few others things happened over the weekend. 

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7-Eleven to make videogame sales permanent
Three new Final Fantasy XI expansions announced for 2009
Not all games can be installed to 360 hard drive
Pre-purchase Grand Theft Auto IV on Steam and get GTA: Vice City for free

First look at the twisted insides of Arkham Asylum
Debut videos for Wanted: Weapons of Fate lack Angelina Jolie
Castlevania Judgment’s Maria wants bigger breasts
Gamer face: What you look like when playing videogames

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