The Weekend Hotness: Poison

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Seriously. She’s so hot. Hubba hubba. This should make up for the server issues all weekend. We should be back to normal tomorrow, folks!

Weekend Destructainment was full of entertainment, the PS3 slim has been sighted in the wild again, Section 8 is coming to Europe, Pachter says the gaming world isn’t coordinated and plenty of more stuff happened over the weekend.

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Games need to cost more to survive says Chris Deering
Gears of War 2 multiplayer free this weekend
New version of The Witcher available, adds nudity
NPD says 170 million gamers in the US
PS3 Slim listing sighted in the wilds of Amazon
HotD: Overkill’s unused artwork makes life better (Update)
Id Software notices RAGE PS3 ‘ruckus,’ responds
PS3 version of Braid confirmed for Europe and North America
Crimecraft open beta begins
Fox News says that videogames sell well and then addict you
DDO: Eberron Unlimited delayed, hits in September
Section 8 coming to Europe, beta is too
Watch Mindfreak, get free couch in Home
Pachter says gaming world isn’t coordinated, causes delays
Protect your 360 the manly way: wrap a metal cable around it
Fat Princess’ online is bad, Sony says a fix is coming
Rumortoid: Playable female character in Gears of War
Guitar Hero 5 does away with in-game Friend Codes
Brink dev believes separate multiplayer is ludicrous

Finally a use for your laser harp
Lara Croft possibly getting a road named after her
Nuka-Cola vending machine vends Nuka-Cola

Heroes over Europe has ladies, here’s one to look at
NHL 2K10 is the best hockey game EVAR

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