The Weekend Hotness: PAX was WIN! (09/07/07)

What more is there to say? PAX was the greatest event of the year and we are all so lucky to have such an amazing community. [Image made by Rio McCarthy]

Castle Crashers is getting some DLC, new Halo 3 Achievements are on the way, Jim is a furry, Coonskin05 attends the Gearbox Victory Party and plenty more happened during the weekend. 

Weekend Regulars:
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Best of the Network this week
Highlights from the Destructoid Community for the last two weeks
Games of the week for 09/07/08: Kevin Turvey Investigates edition
Weekend Scraps: Strange bedfellows (9/5/08-9/7/08)

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Destructoid Reviews:
Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball

Reminder: Japanator’s New York Anime Fest contest ends soon

Castle Crashers DLC: Play as The King and The Necromancer! Also, chainsaws
EA thinking Spore as a platform
Spore Origins hitting the iPhone soon, Yahtzee Adventures will as well
Does wanting to shag Rouge make me a furry? New Sonic Chronicles artwork
Owl Boy? What the Hell is an Owl Boy?
New Halo 3 Achievements confirmed, other stuff as well
Xbox burns down a house after being left on for several days, family surprised
Carmack willing to give Enemy Territory the Quake Live treatment
Halo announcement could come soon, Chief getting impatient
BioWare ready for a Sonic Chronicles sequel
Jilted at the altar, Square Enix withdraws its Tecmo bid
Darksiders’ art director does a bad job of selling his game
Do you guys remember that time Peter Moore said ‘f*ck you’ to Yuji Naka?
Harmonix announces Les Paul compatibility, other goodies in upcoming PS3 patch
Spore customers lash out at DRM, sabotage Amazon score
Animal Crossing Wii bundle just got priced

Toad sings! Introducing “Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is in Another Castle”
The award for the worst controller design goes to … the USB Dragon Dual Shock
Kids microwave cat, get banned from playing videogames … wait, what?

Sonic Unleashed Wii screens: Like regular Sonic screens, but for Wii

Nokori: A free to play FPS in Japan? Interesting
Prinny PSP Japanese trailer, dood!
Expanded Call of Duty 4 training sequence discovered

Maracas, guns, and DJ Jazzy Jeff: Yup, it’s the Gearbox ‘Victory Party’

Hamza Aziz