The Weekend Hotness: NES lamp

Have a NES Advantage? Turn it into a lamp! Buy it here. Via GoNintendo.

Hey the world didn’t end, the Wii got some things right, there is a Zelda timeline, Penguin is in Batman: Arkham City and more happened over the weekend.

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Penguin confirmed for Batman: Arkham City
Conduit 2 dev accused of trashing game reviewer’s book
Finally, a Monster Hunter game’s coming to PS3!
Obsidian would ‘do better’ with Alpha Protocol 2
Legend of Zelda timeline exists, Nintendo keeps it secret
Brink lag to be fixed in next week’s patch
Hackers continue to attack Sony, start stealing money
Carmageddon website counting down to … something

Here’s some off-screen footage of the new Final Fantasy
How many people will buy Wii Play: Motion?

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