The Weekend Hotness: Mr. Destructoid overload

A bunch of community members rocked it as Mr. Destructoid (that’s pheonix-blood above), Zen Albatross showed us a Chiptune concert, a bunch of pictures from PAX were posted and ScottyG showed off his epic gift to Niero and Colette. Don’t expect the PAX posts to stop anytime soon as more stuff is on the way throughout the week!

Jim talked more about Bayonetta, the PSP is blatantly better than the DS, help fly Gabe Newell to Australia, Toys ‘R’ Us starts doing videogame trade-ins and more awesomesauce happened over the weekend.

Destructoid Originals:
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These community members rocked it as Mr. Destructoid
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Chiptunes in the streets of Seattle at PAX 09
The Destructoid community mosaic
Community blogs of 09/12/09 & 09/13/09
Forum of the day: Dtoid Forum Discusses: Graphics

Rumortoid: Wii getting a price cut the first week of Oct.
The Blurst Snack Pack is a necessary purchase
Wii sales down 50 percent and probably decreasing
ZeniMax files trademark for Deathmark
Rumortoid: 250GB PS3 Slim coming in October
Rule the schoolyard with this LEGO Rock Band keychain
Toys ‘R’ Us nets you more money on trade-ins
Left 4 Dead Crash Course coming September 23?
PAX 2009 attendance announced
More wall-meat! Castlevania ReBirth gets ESRB-nounced
The full list of usable words in Scribblenauts
Pac-Man world record is broken

Prototype to appear on HBO’s Entourage
The Protomen return with ‘The Father of Death’
Send a greeting with some Dissidia flavor
Life size Link papercraft puts everything else to shame
Protip: This is not how you use a Pokewalker
Help fly Gabe Newell to Australia


Scribblenauts takes a pterodactyl to school
There is a creepy thing in this Call of Pripyat teaser
Mad Catz Modern Warfare 2 stuff revealed
Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma launch trailer and virals
Spyborgs gameplay is full of punching and shooting
Have some new Final Fantasy XIII footage
Check out this lovely Lucidity gameplay video

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