The Weekend Hotness: Last night’s Taco Bell soda

The Gamer Studio did a interview with Niero where they talk about all things Destructoid. Find out how we came to be, what we’re trying to do and more!

Brad Nicholson made himself in Champions Online, The Videogame Show that Jim did done had him play zombies four bed, a bunch of C blogs got promoted, Jim reviewed Warriors Orochi 2, LostWinds 2 was announced, Playmates like Guitar Hero 5 and more sweetness happened over the weekend.

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Warriors Orochi 2


U.S. gov thinking about unified rating system for most media
“Two-gamecubes taped together” guy gets fired, goes indie
“Explore the void” teaser site teases with sexy, sex grid
NBA 2K10 commentary to update throughout the season
LostWinds sequel announced
Zombie Apocalypse features MC Hammer Achievement
Fallout 3 DLC trophies appear, foreshadow DLC release?
EyePet creeping everybody out on November 17
64 million online gamers in China by the year’s end
Why you won’t be removing the PSP Go’s battery
Brutal Legend ESRB description is long, totally epic
David Jaffe to ‘shut the f**k up’ for six months

Playboy Playmates and Hugh Hefner promote Guitar Hero 5
Awesome wireless game gun won’t make you better at games

Check out some DSiWare shmup action with Aa Mujou Setsuna
Argentine reporter reports on the abuse of grog by teenagers
Gay Tony will blow stuff up in his ballad
SCUMM and Star Wars together at last
Spore Hero shows off some creation
Vampire Killer theme throughout the ages
Comparing stuff: PS3 versus the PS3 Slim

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