The Weekend Hotness: Kirby makes everything better (08/17/08)

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Seriously, Kirby makes everything better. I love these stupid remixes so much.

Brad N. has a bunch of coverage from Gen Con, Rockstar doesn’t like the hardcore/casual fad, Akuma get his ass kicked in Street Fighter IV, a couple of Instant Replay blogs are promoted, and plenty more happened over the weekend.

Weekend Regulars:
Weekend Destructainment: The Legend of Flute Link
Best of the Network this week
Games of the week for 08/18/08: Duckula … COUNT Duckula edition
Highlights from the Destructoid Community 08/17/08

Destructoid Interview:
Flying Lab CEO Russel Williams

Gen Con 08:
Turbine talks console MMO
King’s Bounty detailed
Fans of the Witcher rejoice, Extended Edition looks great
Storm of Zehir feels old and new at the same time
Freaky Creatures is like Spore, except not as cool
Lots of updates and parrots since the initial release of Pirates
Flying Lab CEO says why console MMOs fail

Rockstar doesn’t get the hardcore/casual fad
Pirates tell developer why they steal his games
Force Unleashed demo unleashes soon
Final Fantasy XIII demo will clock in at over 2 hours
UK industry guy hits back over MadWorld fiasco

Enjoy six times as much fun with the six-man NBA 09 The Inside cover

Trailers & Videos:
Watch as Akuma gets his ass beaten in Street Fighter IV

Rock Band 2 for Nintendo 64 CONFIRMED … well … not really
Teenager drops out of school to focus on Guitar Hero career

Instant Replay: Guitar Hero III
Instant Replay: Ninja Gaiden (NES)

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