The Weekend Hotness: Happy Fourth of July!

Hope you all had a blast this Fourth of July weekend, folks! Celebrate with another awesome Red Dead Redemption glitch! Be sure to check out the rest of our weekend content below.

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Forum of the day: Which obscure/forgotten games would you like to see come back on PSN/XBLA?

Tournament of Legends

Win a Sniper: Ghost Warrior themed iPad & games!

Pachter: Industry is in ‘persistent secular decline’
Gears 2 gets 8X experience in celebration of America
New Super Mario Bros. Wii tops 15 million in sales
The Future: You can now pause an Atari 2600
Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies I and II on sale
StarCraft II to have 3D implemented post release
Nintendo wants us to take the 3DS seriously
You will be able to pick your visor color in Halo: Reach

Fan-made Metroid manga looks freaking fantastic


Skate 3 heads off to Hawaii
Toribash smacks WiiWare Europe upside the head next week
Get your Sonic Colors DS screens here!
You should watch this Vanquish gameplay footage
Fallout Online starts the viral marketing
Tera E3 demo is here, took its time
Kane and Lynch 2’s Arcade Mode gets screens
Halo: Reach flies through the air with greatest of ease

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