. I feel nothing but love for Destructoid and its wonderful community, and I was reminded of that today, the third anniversary of this great Web site’s birth (which not-so-coincidentally happens to be the 31st anniversary of the birth of Destructoid’s Founder-in-Helmet, Niero).

The celebrations for this epic occasion have been going all weekend long around the country; I just wish I could’ve been a part of the craziness in Miami this past week. It’s okay, though — I’m going to do everything in my power to make it to PAX this year. I hope to see all you beautiful people there!

The über-talented Destructoid community put together one hell of a third anniversary tribute (above, you can see Tiff’s contribution); Jim railed against racism in Resident Evil 5; Bob of Bob’s Game explained that his antics were all a ruse; and other stuff happened on Destructoid over the weekend.

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