The Weekend Hotness: Girl power!

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Princess Peach and Daisy are obviously exercising in this picture to prepare themselves to fight off Jim Sterling at his attempts to murder them. Yeah boy!

Also, Samit Sarkar talks way too much.

The RetroforceGIVE! Mega Drive ends soon, Anthony checks out WB’s new Onlive gaming service, Jonathon reviewed Bit.Trip Beat, Dead Rising 2 could have up to 6,000 zombies on-screen at once and plenty more happened over the weekend. 

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Bit.Trip Beat

Dead Rising 2 may have up to 6,000 zombies on-screen
Assault on Dark Athena DLC in the works
No DLC for Final Fantasy XIII, at least not yet
The PC version of Braid delayed until April 10
Killzone 2 patch coming early next week
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