The Weekend Hotness: Destructoid at E3!

The Destructoid E3 team is all here. This week is going to be absolutely crazing as there are a ton of games to play, tons of delicious booth babes to drink, lots of sexy beers to look at and all sorts of other crazyness. Stay tuned to Destructoid all week for up to the minute news from E3 2009.

The PSP GO! was accidentally leaked early, Destructoid discussed the new PSP GO!, Assassin’s Creed 2 footage got leaked, EGM is back and plenty more happened over the weekend.

Destructoid E3 Originals:
Notes from the Destructoid E3 planning meeting
Destructoid Discusses: PSP NO!
King of Fighters XII tournament inside look
E3 attendees could be in Atlus’ Trauma Team
Stealth images of the show floor
A peek at the Expo as a work in progress
What’s the trash/Rabbids Go Home connection?
KoF XII championship tournament in a few pictures

E3 09 News:
Crave announces E3 line-up
Activision rocking E3 with private Guitar Hero party
Koei’s lineup: Dynasty Warriors … Troy?
Atlus + E3 = Win
Pre-E3 09: Dude to wear Dark Void helmet, we report

E3 09 Media:
Edge of Twilight trailer: still looking awesome
Lose your mind with this Dementium II teaser
Rabbids are…wait…what?
Dead Space extracts itself from third person
Nier? This is my jam, son!
Snack on this Dead Rising 2 trailer
Borderlands in motion looks sexy, sexy, sexy
Snack on this Dead Rising 2 trailer


Other Worlds Than These: The citizens of the Land of Termina
Community blogs of 05/31/09
Community blogs of 05/30/09
Forum of the day: Game Trading Section!

Destructoid Originals:
Weekend Destructainment: Cracking the Kojima code
RetroforceGO! Episode 91: Platformers
Talking bollocks about inFAMOUS and moral choice
Best of the Network this week
A recap of the promoted Other Worlds Than These Musings
This Week in the Community: Tasty hamsters

No Whammies: Ubisoft reveals three classic game show titles
Phantom Brave: We Meet Again delayed to add Japanese voices
Coheed, Ben Harper and more coming to Rock Band
Qore leak reveals first PSP Go images (Update)
EA is ripe for a takeover?
Mad Catz to continue creating Xbox 360 wireless controllers
EGM is back
The Sims 3 gets an ‘uncensor’ patch before it’s released
Alan Wake site returns, possible E3 news hinted
Microsoft to create a 300,000 player multiplayer game
Remember Killing Day? Ubisoft still does, files trademark
Team Fortress 2 achievements based unlocks are back
Mind blown: Stan Bush plays ‘The Touch’ in Guitar Hero
Here is who you’ll rock with when you rock with GH5
Sky coming to 360
Rumor: Next Halo game called Reach
Street Fighter Alpha 2 hits PSN this Thursday
Here’s who’s appearing in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 so far
Discount alert: FLOCK! is half price on Steam this weekend
More details emerge on Mass Effect iPhone game
Here are Prototype’s system requirements
Final Fintasy VII is rated by ESRB
Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete bundling with PS3s
Sure, why not: Trish Stratus involved with some videogame
Duke Nukem Forever is not going to be on PC/360

Videogame music sung sadly
Liquid Snake coat is the stuff of dreams and empty wallets
Relive Shadow of the Colossus with exhaustive art collection


Have a sneaky Assassin’s Creed 2 leak
Dragon Age: Origins trailer is ready for the new sh*t
The Saboteur is feeling good, proves it in new trailer
EA announces tons of cars and tracks for NFS SHIFT
Rock out with your cannon out in Call of Juarez sequel
Prototype teaser has words, some of them written by us

Hamza Aziz