The Weekend Hotness: Corneria

As seen on Weekend D: A metal remix of Corneria’s theme from Star Fox.

We highlighted the best of our live stream with Grasshopper Manufacture, win Disney Epic Mickey, Black Friday deals were detailed and more happened over the weekend.

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Contest: Be good at NFS: Hot Pursuit, win an EA game
Win a Wii & Disney Epic Mickey signed by Warren Spector!
Win No More Heroes 2 Hopper’s Edition, CD & Erotica Comic

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AC: Brotherhood shows Moscow in Poland
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Ni! Monty Python social games are on the way
Japan gets an authentic Super Mario Collection guide book
Black Friday: Your guide to the best deals

Classy! Super Mario / Street Fighter mashup art!
With Kinect, you aren’t the controller …
The Journalism Show Ep. 5: Super Street Fighting

Catherine’s gameplay getting a little crazy
World of Keflings is still looking cute

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