The Weekend Hotness: Chad endorses the Souplantation (8/31/08)

The next time you visit one of the Souplantation’s 109 family-friendly locations make sure to tell your server that Mr. Destructoid sent you in order to save 10 percent on your meal. Ok, so we actually can’t actually guarantee that they’ll give you a discount, but considering the huge plug Chad gave them during the Destructoid PAX panel they should definitely think about it.

Rare doesn’t want to make another Viva Pinata right away, EA is acting suspicious by giving away free stuff, and Nick loses a match of arm wrestling (although I hear his opponent cheats).

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Contest update: Congratulations to N-48, you’ve won the N-81!

DMC creator snubs Ninja Gaiden, trashes action games that he didn’t make
Gears of War series 2 action figures are looking ugly (in a good way)
Saint’s Row 2 special edition isn’t one you can take through customs
Gears of War 2 not coming to PC
Gamestop is afraid of ghosts, begins canceling Ghostbusters preorders
Man kills baby over a videogame, pleads guilty
Get Far Cry, Red Alert and Red Alert 2 for free (if you fancy pre-ordering)
America getting Chrono Trigger DS before Japan
Rare isn’t immediately interested in Viva Pinata 3, new title in the works
Snowblind Studios bringing death, tanks to XBLA with Death Tank

Trailers & Videos:
Tidus takes on Jecht in this new Dissidia video

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