The Weekend Hotness: Breath of Drums

As seen on Weekend Destructainment: Dtoider NukaCola smashes them drums to the tune of Breath of Fire 2.

Anthony looks at the best indie games of ’09 that he forgot to mention, Interstellar Marines looks awesome, Left 4 Dead 2 gets Infected bots, a bunch of videogame based toys are in the works and more happened over the third weekend of January.

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Only super-cool dudes can beat Flood the Chamber
Interstellar Marines is both innovative and unoriginal

Grand theft auto suspect busted playing Grand Theft Auto
Left 4 Dead 2 gets Infected bots, ditches auto-spawns
NIS-America’s Viral Survival has great logo, trailer
Don’t expect a Final Fantasy VII remake anytime soon
Marvelous stops overseas distribution, licensing now
Tiger Woods being a douche has not harmed EA’s sales
Zune Marketplace to be down for 24 hours come Monday
Stop moving, you’re creating OnLive lag
World of Warcraft hacked through Adobe Flash flaw
Learn all about baby Kratos via the medium of comics
Microsoft cites Nintendo and Apple in antitrust case

All-white Sengoku Basara/Devil Kings Revoltechs available
Double your Cammy, double your fun
Mario’s nightmares now in shirt form
PSP opens up in stop motion action
Another crazy awesome knife kill from MW2
The top ten stories from the future (wavey fingers)
Prince of Persia action figures on sale
Bayonetta action figures in full glorious color

This new Nier trailer is … well, it’s just new
Supreme Commander 2 vids bring commanding supremely
Have a new Dragon Ball DS 2: Assault! Red Ribbon Army trailer
Mass Effect 2 sex scenes make their way to the Internet

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