The Weekend Hotness: Blue frenzy

Did you get the opportunity to see Jim’s two very different reviews of Sonic Colors for Wii and DS? The Sonic fans seem to be all in a tizzy and it’s quite amusing at points.

Anything else of note? Well, Holmes and Tara made a guest appearance on Bytejacker and naked girls played Kinect games. Plus there are new Transformers and Sly Cooper games coming and a bunch more happened the weekend of 11/13.

Destructoid Originals:
Tara and Holmes jack into ByteJacker
Dtoid (the show) week 5: Venom Vs. Carnage Vs. Black Ops

Games of the Week for 11/14/2010: Not funny edition

Review: Sonic Colors
Review: Sonic Colors DS

Contest: Win the SteelSeries Spectrum 4XB headset

Killzone 3 removes the ‘lag’ but keeps the ‘weight’
Josef from Machinarium is in Super Meat Boy PC
The president of Nintendo of America says weird things
Super Meat Boy claymation is no California Raisins
EVE Online getting noob-helper retail release
Transformers: War for Cybertron sequel announced
Tak Fujii’s Tweets are VERY VERY EXERCISE!
Sly 4 revealed in The Sly Collection
Risen goes on sale, Steam runs out of activation keys

BOOM: Kinect scores its first headshot
Here’s a NSFW video of two naked girls playing Kinect


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