The Weekend Hotness 07/20/08

Whoops! I passed out before I could get this post up last night. Anyway, the weekend was a little slow as everyone was pretty much catching up on some much needed rest after the crazyness that was E3 last week. 

Highlights from the weekend include Brad N’s exclusive Alan Wake teaser trailer, de Blog is de bomb, new screens for Dead Rising: Zombie Sacrifice were posted and a rather awesome Weekend Destructainment went up, which included the above embarrassing Guitar Hero IV presentation from E3. 

Weekend Regulars:
Weekend Destructainment: IT’S BURGER TIME!
Scraps: There’s some perverted stuff from Japan today (7/19/08)
Best of the Network this week
Games of the week for 07/21/08: Nintendo iRavi edition
Scraps: E3 needed more tits; save on PS games today (7/20/08)
Highlights from the Destructoid Community 07/20/08

Original Features:
Destructoid exclusive: Alan Wake TGS 08 teaser

E3 Hands-on previews:
SPRay interview with Tecmo
Hands-on with de Blob

Destructoid/Blast Works level design contest UPDATE: Zycyzyx Returns

Dead Rising: Zombie Sacrifice looks appropriately decomposed
Ubisoft used pirate’s code to fix game
Portal: Still Alive details
Kaz Hirai targeting 150 million PS3s sold

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