The Week in Rock Band DLC: Toby Keith, beer for his horses

Those lamenting the lack of modern country music in Rock Band (there are people like that, right?), worry no more — next week’s store update brings not one, but six Toby Keith tracks to the music title. Songs include: 

  • “Beer for My Horses” 
  • “I Love This Bar”
  • “She’s a Hottie”
  • “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”
  • “Who’s Your Daddy?”
  • “How Do You Like Me Now”

Songs hit Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Network on April 7 and April 9, respectively. It’ll cost you $9.99 (800 MS Points for Xbox 360) for the full pack, or $1.99 (160 MS Points for Xbox 360) per track.

We’re not here to judge the music (seriously, this guy has songs called “Who’s Your Daddy?” and “How Do You Like Me Now”?), but considering how much music Keith sells, he’s doing something right. And this has got to be great news for fans of his music; the more varied the available music for Rock Band the better, that’s what we say. Now where the f**k is some Prince, guys?

One could guess that more tracks by country artists are on the way, too; a few retailers have listed a Rock Band Country Track Pack, set for release in a few months. As it stands, there doesn’t appear to be enough country content on the Rock Band store to fill an entire retail disc. But we have a feeling there will be by the time the pack is released this summer. 

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