The week in Rock (Band DLC): Songs from full albums we wish they’d just release

In weeks past, we’d had track packs from single artists, and last week we saw a punk rock-themed pack. With this week’s songs, I can’t seem to find any thread that connects them all, other than that they’re just pissing me off. 
“My Iron Lung” – Radiohead (Master)
“Buddy Holly” – Weezer (Master)
“Brass in Pocket” – The Pretenders (Cover)
These are all pretty great songs, and personally, I will not hesitate to download every single one of them this week. The problem is, they’re all great songs from some great albums, albums which I’d likely (depending on the pricing) shell out money to have available in Rock Band.
Provided Harmonix wants to make me happy and releases Radiohead’s The Bends in its entirety, they’ll also suceed in angering me at the same time — I’ll have already purchased a single track from that album. Will that mean I’ll have to download it again as a pack, or will I be forced to purchase all of the tracks individually, negating the “bundle discount” I’m sure will be offered? Or does this mean we’ll never see all of the tracks from Weezer or the Pretenders’ debut records? It’s too early in the morning to get all teary eyed over a videogame.
As expected, all of the tracks will cost 160 MS points, and Xbox 360 owners can pick the songs up today. PlayStation 3 rockers will have to wait until Thursday, but are more than welcome to come over my place before then, as long as they bring beer and candy.
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