The Week in Rock Band DLC: Pearl Jam’s Ten

So while it seems like we’ve talked about this five or six times since it was announced last December, here we are again — Pearl Jam’s Ten is coming to the Rock Band Music Store. When? Next week, Tuesday and Thursday on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PlayStation Store, respectively. 

The downloadable tracks will make the full album in conjunction with “Alive,” which appeared on the Rock Band 2 disc. The 11 tracks can be downloaded as a pack for $17.99 (or 1440 MS Points), or for $1.99 (160 MS Points) per song. And they are: 

“Once,” “Even Flow,” “Why Go,” “Black,” “Jeremy,” “Oceans,” “Porch,” “Garden,” “Deep,” “Release,” and “Master/Slave.”

Perhaps you’ve heard of some of these tracks, and if you were a teen in the 90s and didn’t live under a rock, you probably know them all. Whether you like them is a different story. I’ll be buying them all, because even though I’m not a big Pearl Jam fan (I didn’t buy a single one of the 987 live albums they released a few years back, for example), these should be fun across all instruments in Rock Band

Buy or pass for you?

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