The week in Rock (Band DLC): Maiden, The Hives, STP

Staying true to their promise of weekly downloadable content, Harmonix delivers again this week, adding three songs to the game’s roster this week. Harmonix’s Sean Baptiste spills the beans on this week’s selections, and it’s quite a random smattering of songs: 

“Number of the Beast” made famous by Iron Maiden (cover)
“Die, All Right!” by the Hives
“Interstate Love Song” by Stone Temple Pilots

Nerds may recognize Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast” from Guitar Hero III, while those who are truly metal will throw up their horns and drag an Eddie statue from their closets.

All songs will cost $1.99 a piece (160 MS Points), and will be available tomorrow for the Xbox 360 and, while PlayStation 3 owners will have to wait for this Thursday’s Network update.

[Via Jpinter’s cblog]

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