The Week in Rock Band DLC: Devo, Duran Duran, and … The Janitors

This isn’t the first we’re hearing about Devo tracks coming to Rock Band, but here’s a good confirmation: next week’s DLC will include two Devo songs, both re-recorded by the band for the game. “Girl U Want” and “Through Being Cool” will be available for 160 MS Points ($1.99 a piece) next Tuesday on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and Thursday for PlayStation Network. 

But even more exciting, for me, at least, is the announcement that Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” and “Rio” — both master recordings — will also be available for download for 160 MS Points ($1.99) a piece. Thank you to Harmonix for continually providing songs that will be a blast to play at parties (possibly while hammered). 

As a bonus (for someone, I guess), The Janitors “Get Your Rock On” will also be downloadable for 80 MS Points ($0.99). I will have to plead ignorance here, as I’ve never heard of The Janitors, and a Google search keeps coming up with things about cleaning supplies. Apparently it’s from the film American Mall which is some MTV musical produced by the same guys behind High School Musical, which means my kid is going to flip out over it.

Any must rocks you guys see here?

Nick Chester