The Week in Rock Band DLC: All That Remains three pack

So, true story: I was just in Hot Topic today thinking “Man, Rock Band needs an All That Remains DLC pack!” OK, fine — that’s not what I was thinking at all. I was actually thinking “Man, I feel way too old to be in here,” right after I bought my wife a sweet “Elvira: Mistress of the Dark” t-shirt for 50% off.

In any case, “metalcore” band All That Remains will be getting a three song pack for Rock Band next week that includes:

  • “This Calling”
  • “Chiron”
  • “Two Weeks”

Individual tracks will cost $1 (or 80 MS Points), and the whole package can be picked up for $3 (or 240 MS Points). All tracks are masters because, well, it’s easier to find a Black Sabbath cover band than one that performs songs by All That Remains.

As usual, the DLC will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace next Tuesday, and the PlayStation Network the following Thursday. 

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