The Warcraft movie is so popular in China it has its own beer

But does it come in pints?

As you may have heard, the Warcraft film bombed in the US. But as you also may have heard, worldwide gross actually matters now, and because of China, it’s far and away the highest earning video game film of all time — and it’s still pretty early in its theatrical run. When we last checked in over a week ago it was at a $377 million worldwide gross, now it’s up to $412.2 million ( I wonder how close Assassin’s Creed will get later this year?).

Naturally, given its success there’s tons of merch there promoting it, including a new set of Human vs. Orc Tsingtao beer. I’ve never been to China so I can’t speak to the quality of its brew, but that case isn’t bad at all, presentation-wise. Though, not having Pandaren or a Brewmaster heavily featured in the film just to peddle alcohol is a missed opportunity, I must say.

Most importantly — a writer over at The Beijinger runs a column called “What’s Up in Beer,” which is an idea I wish I thought of first.

What’s Up in Beer [The Beijinger] Thanks Jack!

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