The Walking Dead Onslaught could be a dream come true for VR fans

Dismember walkers to your heart’s content

Not to jinx it, but the next Walking Dead video game The Walking Dead Onslaught sounds promising. Really, really promising. With the way other adaptations have gone down, it’s about time.

Onslaught is a built-just-for-VR experience in which you can shove, restrain, carve, and dismember the undead hordes using “iconic” weapons from the long-lasting series while playing as survivors from AMC’s The Walking Dead. The game has its own original story and a separate supply-run mode with randomized items, the latter of which is exactly what I’d want out of a zombie-slicing VR title. And best of all, it’s being made by Raw Data developer Survios. Like I said: there’s a lot of potential here.

This teaser trailer lacks substance, but Onslaught‘s Steam page is far more forthcoming. Aside from the aforementioned gameplay tidbits, there’s also a scattering of environmental screenshots.

The developers are calling The Walking Dead Onslaught their “most visceral combat experience” to date, and from the sound of it, the dismemberment could fill the Dead Space-sized hole in our hearts.

  • Delimbing: walker limbs are vulnerable for removal at many joints, including arms, legs and neck.
  • Carving: proprietary “gore mesh” creates realistic wounds anywhere on a walker’s body.
  • Impaling: enemies get impaled and react where they are stabbed.
  • Context-based physics: varying reactions take place based on context; precise slicing through enemies results in getting stuck, resistance when pulling out weapons and grappling.
  • Walkers can also be grabbed and restrained for precision melee attacks and strategic defense.
  • Walkers can also be pushed and thrown at other walkers.

Combine all of these elements together and if it all works as intended I think they’ve got a pretty compelling zombie-slaying VR game on their hands. The fact that it’s The Walking Dead is just a bonus. If you own an Oculus Rift or a Vive, keep an eye out for Onslaught‘s release on Steam this fall.

Jordan Devore
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