The Walking Dead finally has a good title sequence

Dude do you remember the original one

It’s finally October, which means a new season of AMC’s The Walking Dead is right around the corner. But what’s this? There’s a new, animated title sequence?

The Walking Dead has retained the same title sequence (more or less) for it’s entire television run. With spooky footage of abandoned cars and twisting doorknobs, the old title sequence was serviceable, but jesus was it campy as hell. However, the new sequence lends a distinct feeling to the opening credits.

The sequence is animated like a graphic novel, drawing inspiration from the shows source material. It doesn’t stop their, either. The focus on the decaying environment and iconic weapons from The Walking Dead‘s array of characters highlights the show’s emphasis on the characters struggling through the zombie apocalypse, rather than the zombies themselves.

I really dig this new sequence. I haven’t watched this show in a long time, but I appreciate a more reserved and stylistic approach to the title sequence.

The ninth season of The Walking Dead premieres this Sunday night on AMC.

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