The Unliving is a necromancer roguelite game and I’m so down

Coming to Steam in 2021

Friday fact: More games could stand to let us play as legion-leading necromancers.

The Unliving, a roguelite action-RPG from RocketBrush Studio and Team17, looks like it could be one of the good ones. You’ll raise hordes of skeletons, sacrifice them to cast spells, and gather artifacts until the day you die. Of course, death is only temporary – you’re a necromancer. You can be your own boss.

“The world is randomly generated for each run and is richly populated with an array of creatures, artifacts, secret rooms, and deadly traps,” according to the developers. “You’ll go from raiding quaint villages to even wading through swamps.” There’s also talk of boss creatures – the Steam page teases a multi-eyed tentacle monster – and a story concerning “the supreme hierarchies of the Church.”

If you liked Overlord, you might like The Unliving. Let’s keep tabs until… oh. 2021. Hang tight!

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