The Uncharted series has sold 41.7 million copies to date

Across six games

The Uncharted series has been around since 2007, but despite the decade long legacy it’s easy to remember how many games it has under its belt (seven — four major titles and three spinoffs, Lost Legacy, the card game Fight for Fortune, and the Vita title Golden Abyss). That’s because proper Uncharted games take a long ass time to make, but that long development cycle has paid off for developer Naughty Dog.

According to a 10th anniversary panel at PSX, the series has sold 41.7 million copies to date, including everything in the mix. And even if Uncharted 4 is the last feather in Drake’s cap, I think the series has plenty of room to grow after they already proved that they can make a competent spinoff in Lost Legacy that feels like a proper entry.

We still have many years of Uncharted ahead of us, there’s no doubt in my mind.

Chris Carter
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