The Uncharted movie project loses yet another director

Pictured in the background — the movie

Let’s start from the beginning. Back in 2009, it was announced that an Uncharted film was already in development. Famed hot-headed director David O. Russell was tapped to direct, and everything seemed to going swimmingly — until Russell bowed out in 2011, at which point The Illusionist‘s Neil Burger stepped in. A year later, he also stepped down, only for Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) to step up in 2014.

As of this week according to The Warp, he is now gone due to creative differences. The project is still in limbo, but allegedly, the movie has not been canned yet. We’ll see if that remains the case.

If this does come out I’ll give it a shot, but really, the games are just long films anyway. 

Seth Gordon Exits ‘Uncharted’ at Sony as Studio Charts New Direction [The Wrap]

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